The 5 most amazing cenotes in Cancun

The state of Quintana Roo is known for its amazing natural wealth, characteristic that has placed it as one of the most popular tourist sites in our country internationally. Among its main attractions are natural cenotes.

These water wells full of mystery are the jewels of the Mayan Route. They are fed by the filtration of rain and underground river currents, but they are also sacred places where the ancient Maya used to make rituals and offerings to the gods.

Here we tell you what are the cenotes that you should know during your stay.

Chikin-Ha Cenotes

The Chikin-Ha cenotes are some of the most beautiful and closest cenotes to Cancun but also one of the least visited, so you will not find crowds.

Inside an impressive cavern, you can swim in one of its three natural pools of turquoise waters.

In addition, in this place their guides are native, so all income goes to the livelihood of the Mayan community. 

It has zip lines and kayaks, bike tours, a ceremony with a shaman, typical food, guides from the Mayan community, diving and snorkeling.

It is located just 29 minutes from Casona del Sol.

Cenotes Seven Mouths

If you are looking for something totally rustic and natural, this is the right place.

Siete Bocas is one of the wonderful rock formations that has been created over millions of years and you can access it through any of its 7 different entrances (a feature that gives it its name).

During your tour, you can enjoy the impressive panorama. Stalactites form a kind of natural tunnel that, by the way, will take you to another mouth.

If you get tired of swimming, the place has a beautiful road of almost 8 kilometers that you can travel by bicycle.

It is 47 minutes from Casona del Sol.

The Mojarras

Near to Puerto Morelos is 'Las Mojarras', the largest open cenote in the area.

With 67 meters in diameter, this is one of the most easily accessible cenotes for all family members, from the smallest to the largest. 

Here you can not only swim, but also organize some fun four-wheeler races, throw yourself from the 600-meter zip lines through the jungle or take a quiet horseback ride.

It is located almost 50 minutes from Casona del Sol.


Following the route of the cenotes you can find Kin-Ha, a place full of magic hidden among nature.

Kin-Ha, or Sol y Agua, in Spanish, is a 40 meter deep cenote, located inside a cave with some openings where sunlight filters through, creating a beautiful play of lights.

This tourist park has, in addition to the cenotes, activities such as zip lines, horseback riding, bicycle circuits, snorkeling, hammocks to relax, among others.

In the beginning, a Mayan family built the main structures of the two cenotes, although at present they are no longer the owners of the place

Kin-Ha is located 50 minutes from your accommodation.

Chac Mool

Its name means Jaguar Claw and is known to be one of the most impressive natural cenotes of the Riviera Maya. 

Full of mysticism and natural beauty, Chac Mool will make you fall in love with its halocline, the visual effect that makes it unique and that consists in that, within it, fresh and salty waters converge, causing the different salinities to form perfectly delimited columns.

To take into account

  • Most of the cenotes open to the public from 10 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon.
  • The entry price ranges between 75 and 155 Mexican pesos.
  • Do not use body creams, sunscreens, or repellents before entering the cenotes since you can severely damage the flora and fauna of the place.
  • It is important that you consult before hiring a tour or do some aquatic activity what are the recommendations to carry it out safely.

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