Common Areas

Common Areas

At Casona del Sol you can enjoy our suites as if you were at home. We have what it takes to make your experience very intimate for you.

Our outdoor spaces will give you the opportunity to walk and put your thoughts in order, enjoying our gardens, which is something that distinguishes us.

The pool is ideal if you are looking to relax, as soon as you see it, you will feel peace.

If your thing is to be inside, in addition to the fact that our rooms are spacious and have several accessories that can serve you, we have a gym so you can exercise and right next to it, a games room where you can enjoy our casino-style tables and our pool table.

If you come on an executive trip, we have everything so that you can work comfortably, since our property offers relaxation, so you will have that silence you need to concentrate, so yes, you may hear one or the other bird sing.

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